Hopes for joining INN346-Enterprise 2.0

This blog is created as inherent part of the assignment of INN346-Enterprise 2.0 unit that I am enrolling at this semester. INN346-Enterprise 2.0 is one of the units offered at School of Information TechnologyFaculty of Science and Technology, Queenslands University of Technology (QUT). As mentioned in the unit outline, it aims to provide students with an understanding of how web 2.0 is changing the way contemporary organisation function.

I think this unit will be beneficial for my profession (a librarian).  Libraries have to develop and diversify their services based on advanced information communication technologies and, of course, on the needs of their users. Web 2.0 is a typical technology which has recently emerged as a second generation of web-based technologies for communication. It is obvious that Web 2.0 has increased the amount of information available, increased the speed with which information is growing, and provided the ability to capture more human knowledge by enabling user-generated content and browser based software that facilitates collaboration and sharing among users. Therefore, it is better for libraries to adopt the Web 2.0 technologies that can provide opportunities for staff development and user engagement. I believe that this unit will provide such knowledge and skills required for adopting and implementing the Web 2.0 technologies in the context of library and information centres.


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