My initial insights on blogging

My initial insights on blogging are that, most blogs are personal in nature. Such blogs are run by individuals for their reasons, such as, to communicate, to reflect on life or works of art, and to share the reflections with others. In such case, individual blogs can sometime have a sentimental quality. My insights has changed when finding the fact that there are also many blog created by organisations.

Joining Enterprise 2.0 lectures have raised an awareness and gave a horizon of the important role of blog as a tool for either used internally to enhancing the communication and culture in a corporation or externally for marketing, branding or public relations purposes. In the field of library and information services, there are hundreds of blogs owned by libraries. Blog can be exploited by a library to fulfil its role as information provider. Calendars of events, news of recent acquisitions, new services, new resources, and other library news can be efficiently disseminated through a library blog.


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